Plants make life more beautiful and lively. Be it indoor plants as decoration and eye-catcher for your living room or garden plants and perennials for a green balcony or terrace. They bring life into the rooms and also provide better air quality and indoor climate.

With us you can find a variety of plants for your home from houseplants, balcony and bedding plants, herbs, Mediterranean plants, fruit & berries, to hedges and perennials. In our assortment you can buy a lot of things that can enrich your garden, your balcony, your terrace or your home at good prices and in good quality online.

Our plants are selected directly by our partners and the most beautiful specimens are delivered to your home. Since they require competent care and should arrive at your home as soon as possible, they are not available for pick-up in the shop. Attention here: The height of a plant is measured from the bottom of the pot (not the surface of the soil) to the top leaf. Since this is a natural product, plant heights can vary within a range of about 10cm.

The following questions may be important for you to consider when choosing your perfect plant:
- How tall should the plant be? Or, how tall do you want it to become?
- What kind of light will it get in its future location?
- Do you prefer a low-maintenance plant or do you have a green thumb?
- Do you want certain seasonal plants?
- How big might existing flower pots be? Will the future plant fit in?

Of course, you will also find the necessary accessories here, whether soil, fertilizer, pots, raised beds, growing accessories, plant protection, decorative items, pest control products, hand tools or garden clothing.