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1. Brilliant Tools Vacuum pressure pump set | 21 pcs.

Vacuum pressure pump set, 21 pcs.

Brilliant Tools Vacuum pressure pump set | 21 pcs.
Vehicle tools
50,96 EUR

Brilliant Tools Vacuum pressure pump set | 21 pcs.

2. BGS Vacuum / Pressure Pump Set

suitable for checking pressure and vacuum systems like boost pressure, vacuum solenoid valves, tank vents, MAP sensors, etc.
also suitable for brake bleeding
suitable for fuel system (petrol/diesel)
63.5 mm pressure / vacuum gauge
pressure indicator range: +0 to +3 bar
vacuum indicator range: 0 to -0.9 bar
max. vacuum: -0.875 bar
max. pressure: 3 bar
scope of delivery:
1 vacuum gun with suction and pressure functionSaug- und Druckfunktion
2 collectiing containers
14 adapters
1 brake nipple adapter
3 clear hose, short
2 clear hose, long

3. Unitec Fuel canister adapter for diesel vehicles

Adapter for bypassing the misfuelling protection, enables refilling from the spare canister on diesel vehicles with built-in misfuelling protection, diameter top: 50 mm, diameter bottom: 22 mm 

Unitec Fuel canister adapter for diesel vehicles
Vehicle tools
5,85 EUR was 6,71 EUR

Unitec Fuel canister adapter for diesel vehicles

4. Facom Oil filter wrench

FACOM Oil filter wrench, 145

Facom U.46, for oil filter housing, tightening with knurled wheel or 13 mm hex key.

5. Pressol Grease gun

PRESSOL Lever oil-gun PRELIxx PRO, 400 ml black

The gun operates with grease up to NLGI3, ergonomic handle, slip resistant, outstanding force transmission and grip.
No risk of fingers being crushed, rolled thread on the grease gun tube is insensitive to damage by impact and makes for quick and easy screwing in, plunger rod operation, T-design handle, for 400g grease cartridges or bulk grease. Available in 4 different colours, this allows for differentiating the various greases by reference to the colour of the gun. 

6. Kerndl Distilled water

Distilled water from Kerndl has been demineralised by reverse osmosis and is therefore free of dissolved substances and is suitable for all applications where pure water is required. It is used for car batteries, car radiators, steam irons, plant sprayers, air humidifiers, aquariums, laboratories and many other applications. 

7. Abnox Hand push gun

ABNOX Hand push gun, 120 ml

For low-viscosity mineral oils, with combination nozzle (concave and pointed nozzle), heavy-duty version, special sleeve, for lubricant
nipple types D, H and K.

Use with special piston for synthetic oils.

8. Brilliant Tools BT115905

Telescopic mirror and magnetic lifter set, 2 pcs.

9. Ironside LSA sensor


- Simple contacting and cutting of wires

- No manual intervention necessary

- with integrated scissors

- the sensor of the scissors
can be deactivated if required

- for connecting wires with a power diameter of 0.35 to 0.9 mm and a wire diameter of 0.7 to 2.6 mm

- with fold-out pulling hook for effortless removal of wires on the LSA contact

- Length: 185 mm.

10. BGS Oil Barrel Pump with Lever

for pumping liquids from barrels
suitable for oil, antifreeze, etc. (not for fuel)
for barrels up to 200 liters
self-adjusting telescopic suction tube
pumps about
300 ml per stroke
with 2 "NPT thread