Eyebrow powder

Eyebrow powder is a staple in any makeup enthusiast's arsenal, providing a natural or dramatic enhancement to the brows depending on the application. Ideal for adding volume and depth, these finely milled powders cling to existing hairs and skin, creating a fuller and more defined brow shape. They are a boon for individuals who wish to subtly fill in sparse areas, tailor the intensity of their brow look, or set a well-defined arch for all-day wear. Used daily, eyebrow powders can effortlessly elevate a person’s facial features, framing the eyes and complementing other makeup products for a cohesive look.

Within our selection, shoppers can discover a variety of eyebrow powders, each bringing its unique benefits. KIKO Milano offers the Lasting Eyebrow Gel, combining the precision of a powder with the staying power of a gel for brows that remain impeccable throughout the day. Essence delivers affordability and practicality with their brow powder set, perfect for customizing the right shade. For luxury seekers, Chanel's La Palette Sourcils presents an array of colors and tools for a sophisticated and elegant brow finish. Anastasia Beverly Hills, a venerable brand in the brow game, brings professional-grade quality to everyday users with the Brow Powder Duo, allowing for gradient color and natural-looking brows. Mac Cosmetics' Great Brows kit is the go-to for users seeking a complete solution for brow grooming, offering powders and accessories in a compact palate ideal for on-the-go touch-ups. Whether for subtle enhancements or bold statements, these eyebrow powders cater to diverse styles and preferences.