Return policy

Galaxus Deutschland GmbH return policy


1. Scope of application

The provisions of this return policy apply exclusively to the voluntary right of return pursuant to § 4 paragraph 3 of the General Terms and Conditions of Galaxus Deutschland GmbH. The customer's statutory cancellation right remains unaffected by the following provisions.


2. Returnable goods

2.1 Returns via your customer account

If you wish to return a product, this can be done in your customer account. Goods can only be returned in the condition in which customers received them (original condition) – unused and complete.


2.2 Returns in special cases

In any other cases, especially the following ones, Galaxus Deutschland cannot accept returns:

  1. Damaged products (unless the damage can be proved to be attributable to transport damage for which the customer is not responsible)
  2. Products that are not in their original packaging
  3. Products that do not include all accessories
  4. Electronic software licences (ESD)
  5. Foodstuff
  6. Underwear/lingerie and socks
  7. Clothing and shoes if
    1. there are signs of use
    2. they have been worn more than in a usual fitting situation in a shop
    3. original labels have been removed
  8. Electric cars
  9. Electronic devices that have been custom configured, installed or otherwise put into service
  10. Unsealed products from the following product groups:
    1. Consumables (toner, filters, ink cartridges, etc.)
    2. Health and hygiene products (headphones, razors, toothbrushes, etc.)
  11. Child car seats
  12. Software with a broken seal
  13. Books, DVDs
  14. Products used for preparing or storing food (blenders, pans, Tupperware, etc.​)


2.3 Note:

When returning a product, the customer is obliged to remove all personal data from the product that allows conclusions to be drawn about him or a third party. This also applies to the corresponding details in the online customer account, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the original purchase of the item. The customer alone is responsible for any data breach. By returning goods, the customer agrees that the respective goods become property of Galaxus Deutschland and that Galaxus Deutschland alone, upon receipt of the goods, is entitled to decide how to reuse the goods, i.e. may resell the goods.


3. Return period

Our return periods apply from date of shipment. The date of the postmark applies.

The voluntary right of return applies within 100 days of receipt of the goods. Regarding the statutory cancellation right, § 4 of the General Terms and Conditions apply.


4. Refund value

Provided that the goods are returned in required condition (see above: original condition) and the goods are returnable, the full purchase price will be refunded. Additional costs arising from a delivery type selected by the customer that deviates from the standard, least expensive delivery we offer are not refunded. In all other cases, Galaxus Deutschland reserves the right to deduct a reasonable part of the purchase price for any damages or to refuse the return and to send the goods back to the recipient at the recipient's expense.


5. Return shipping costs

Galaxus Deutschland shall bear the postage costs for the return of goods as a further act of generosity, provided that the goods are returnable in accordance with the above specifications and are returned in the required condition. The postage costs for the return of goods that do not correspond to these specifications are generally borne by the customer, unless the specific situation requires Galaxus Germany to bear the return costs for other legal reasons.