Escape the meltdown! Our editors share their tips for surviving the heat

Martin Jungfer
Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 20.06.2022
Translation: Katherine Martin

21 June heralds the beginning of the meteorological summer. This year, though, you might’ve started sweating even earlier than that. And you might be doing it even more frequently. On that note, here are some summertime survival tips from our editors.

Is the heat making you sweat? The editorial team feels your pain. It’s barely noon before our office in Zurich West morphs into a sauna. Thank you, office-building architecture firms and your love of glass! Thank you.

In summers gone by, for purely selfish reasons, our editors have published numerous articles about their experiences with the hot weather and what you can do to combat the heat.

Hot stuff: our air conditioner shopping guide

In his shopping guide, seasoned rooftop apartment dweller Simon Balissat breaks down the differences between the various devices promising cool relief – from fans, to split air conditioners.

  • Shopping guideHome

    Air conditioner shopping guide: «It’s gettin’ hot in here!»

Simon found one air conditioner particularly impressive. You can read his product review of the Ulisse by Argo here:

  • ReviewInterior

    Wenn schon Klimagerät, dann richtig: Argo Ulisse im Test

Sunscreen cryptology: what the hell does all this mean?

You should now be checking your sunscreen supplies and stocking up if necessary. If you’ve lost your bearings amongst all the cryptic abbreviations on the tubes, I’d recommend Natalie’s article. It decodes SPF, UVB and all the rest.

  • Background informationBeauty

    Don’t be blinded by the SPF

So cool: heatproof hacks for home and work

It doesn’t always have to be outrageously expensive, high-tech gadgets that rescue us from the heat. Editor Raphael, who’s a dab hand at all things household- and kitchen-related, has put together some life hacks that’ll help you keep a cool head in the office, and keep your nerve at home.

  • Know-howHome

    No air conditioner at the office? These tricks will help you keep cool

  • Know-howHome

    How to keep your home cool without air conditioning

Protection with style: tips for buying sunglasses

Since the «Top Gun» reboot, even I’ve been preoccupied with the issue of sunglasses. You’ve probably been thinking for a while now that tinted sunglasses are a summer must-have. But have you found the right style? If you’re unsure, you can reread this article to see what’d suit you.

  • Shopping guideFashion

    A guide to sunglasses: how to find the right style for you

Sweat in style: how to stop your make-up from melting off

Beauty expert Natalie shares hot tips on how to make your make-up last, even in sweltering heat. Her article includes helpful product recommendations.

  • Know-howBeauty

    Perfect make-up despite summer heat

Doggy cool: save your four-legged friend the misery

If you have to think about more than just yourself in the heat, Vanessa has summed up some tips for dog owners here. After all, furry animals are far worse off than us less-hairy Homo sapiens.

  • Know-howPets

    Dog days: how to keep your companion animal cool

Have we missed anything from this round-up of issues and products? Let us know in the comments. We’ll do interesting background research and test products that interest you.

Header image: Izabelly Marques / Unsplash

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