Server accessories

Dive into the world of server efficiency with our extensive collection of server accessories. In our selection, customers will discover a robust range of productsdesigned to enhance and maintain the performance and management of their servers. From the necessary operating systems to intricate components that facilitate better connectivity and organization, our inventory is thoughtfully curated with top-of-the-line items.

Customers can expect to find industry-leading server software, including the HPE OS Windows Server 2022 (16-Core) Datacenter ROK, available in multiple languages, and devoid of CALs, making it a cornerstone for those seeking to optimize their server capabilities. Alongside, harness the power of hardware with Supermicro's accessories such as the high-performance Server ZUB Super Micro AOC-SLG4-2H8M2-O, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and durability.

Networking professionals can optimize their server configurations with Delock's 19″ Coupling Patch Panel with 24 Port Cat.6, ideal for setting up organized and efficient network cabling systems. Similarly, Digitus offers its expertly crafted patch panels, which are instrumental in managing and protecting cable connections for optimum server function.

Anticipate improved cable management with PATCHBOX's PLUS+ CAT.6A STP BLACK 1.8M system, a sleek, space-saving solution to maintain neat and accessible networking setups. This innovative product streamlines patching processes, ensuring a tidy and resourceful working environment.

Explore these brands and more, ensuring your server's infrastructure operates at its peak. Our online shop makes it simple to find the perfect server accessory to meet the needs of any IT environment, be it for small businesses or large enterprise data centers.