Server cabinets

Server cabinets, often known as server racks, are the cornerstone of any well-organized and efficient data center or networking environment. Professionals and businesses use server cabinets to house vital electronics, servers, and network devices. The products are designed to provide both physical security and an environment conducive to keeping electronic equipment cool and operational. In scenarios where companies rely heavily on information technology, server cabinets help maintain order while enabling easy access for maintenance and upgrades.

When selecting a server cabinet, customers should consider several important properties such as size (measured in rack units, U), type (open frame or enclosed), material build, and cable management options. The size is critical because it dictates how much equipment you can store, with common values like 38U or 9HE indicating the number of rack units available for mounting equipment. An open frame rack offers easy access and good airflow but less protection, whereas enclosed models offer more security and options for soundproofing or climate control. Material durability determines how well the cabinet will stand up to the rigors of use, and robust cable management helps prevent airflow blockages and keeps connections organized. By using these properties to filter options, customers can find the ideal server rack to fit their specific requirements.

Our assortment includes a range of top-quality brands that cater to diverse server cabinet needs. APC’s Network cabinet NetShelter CX AR4038LIA is a soundproof 38U option, ideal for environments where noise reduction is crucial. StarTech excels with its open frame rack designs, providing excellent airflow and ease of access for projects that may not require an enclosed space. Wirewin offers a stylish 19" server rack in black that fits seamlessly into any modern business setting. For those in need of compact solutions, Digitus provides a 48.3cm (19") SoHoline wall cabinet in an elegant RAL7035 grey, perfect for smaller spaces or offices. Intellinet’s 48.3cm (19") Basic Wallmount Cabinet offers a practical wall-mounted solution, delivering straightforward assembly and an efficient use of space. Each brand caters to specific needs within the server cabinet spectrum, ensuring that you can find the storage solution that fits your servers and network components with precision.