Storage systems

Storage systems are storage solutions in the IT environment. On the one hand, these consist of storage media for digital data storage and, on the other hand, of technical components. As independent server hardware, a storage system can consist of elements such as hard disks, RAID controllers and network cards and can take over the independent administration of the available storage. For example, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an easy-to-manage storage solution that provides a certain amount of storage capacity to all users connected to a network. Important factors when selecting storage solutions are the design (e.g. rack), the available slots for hard disks, the transfer speed, the memory controller and external interfaces. We offer a large selection of storage systems of well-known brands such as Fujitsu, HP or Lenovo in various designs and for every requirement. 

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HPE - D3710 (SAS, 50TB)


LaCie - HD LaCie 8Big Rack Thunderbolt 2 48TB

HPE - D3610 Enclosure LFF (SAS)

Lenovo - S3200 SFF (iSCSI, Fibre Channel)

HP - HPE MSA 2050 Storage SAS SFF (SAS)

HP - HPE D3710 Disk Enclosure Direct Attached (SAS)

Lenovo - S2200 LFF (Fibre Channel, iSCSI)

LaCie - 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3 (DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Type C, USB 3.0 Type C, 32TB)

LaCie - 6big Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Type C, 96TB)

Supermicro - JBOD Gehäuse SC216BE1C-R741JBOD

HPE - MSA 2050 (SAS)

HPE - MSA 2050 SAS LFF Dual Controller (SAS)

Lenovo - Storwize V3700 (iSCSI)

Supermicro - JBOD Gehäuse SC216BE2C-R741JBOD (SAS)