Anal toys

Sex through the back door is no longer a taboo subject. The anus is full of nerve endings and therefore a very erogenous zone that is stimulated by stimuli such as stretching or pressure. Anal practices are therefore becoming more and more popular, which is why the range of anal toys is constantly growing.

What you should consider before using anal toys
Clean your anus or bowel thoroughly. If you don't feel a strong urge to go to the toilet, a shower will do. If you also want to cleanse internally, there are appropriate anal showers with an enema. The analtoy should also be cleaned before insertion (and afterwards) to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Before using anal toys, the sphincter muscle should be pre-stretched, regardless of whether you are an anal beginner or already have experience. For example, anal plugs in different sizes are suitable for this purpose and you can get used to them step by step. The use of lubricant is also recommended, as the closure of the bowel has no natural moisture.

What types of anal toys are there?
Anal toys come in different shapes and sizes that stimulate your anus in different ways. Anal plugs, for example, have different tips (narrow vs. wide), bodies (increase in width) and a base that prevents the plug from being fully inserted and getting lost. The plugs often come in handy sets with different sizes.

If you like it a bit bigger, you can go for anal vibrators and anal dildos. These are usually smaller than ordinary vibrators or dildos and have special characteristics. Similar to a G-spot vibrator, an anal vibrator is often slightly curved to better stimulate the prostate. They are also often wider towards the bottom to prevent them from sliding in too far. Anal balls or anal chains also provide special stimulation. Unlike a plug, which you "plug in", with anal chains you play with the insertion and removal. After each ball, the sphincter muscle closes and is immediately stretched again.

Different materials also provide an additional fun factor. Glass or metal, for example, can be easily cooled and used for temperature games. Silicone, on the other hand, is softer and flexible and therefore suitable for beginners.