Dildos were originally developed as a replica of an erect penis. A dildo is inserted for both vaginal and anal stimulation and, compared to a vibrator, does not have a vibration function.

What types of dildos are there?
Dildos are available for both solo use and shared pleasure. If you're looking for one for shared pleasure, strap-on dildos are a good choice. These are usually attached to a harness similar to a pair of panties, which makes it easier to penetrate the other person. Similar are dildos with a suction cup, which can be easily attached to a harness. There are also double dildos that have two penis ends, so that the dildo can be used by two people at the same time.

Other dildo types that are especially suitable for solo use are, for example, the realistic dildo that looks as real as possible, the giant dildo or the soft silicone dildo.

What to look for when buying a dildo?
When buying your toy, look not only at the type of dildo but also at the material. For example, there are dildos made of glass or metal, which store temperatures better, or those made of silicone, which are usually a little softer and therefore more flexible. Finally, the size is also important, which varies according to preferences.