You don't want to miss out on your pleasure even when you're alone or on the road? Or do you want to add a little variety to your foreplay? Then a masturbator is exactly what you need.

In order for you to enjoy your toy to the fullest, there has to be room for your best piece. When buying a masturbator, make sure it's the right size and remember that most masturbators are made of soft, flexible material. It's also important to use a lubricant because, unlike a vagina, masturbators don't have natural moisture.

Depending on the stimulation you prefer, a different masturbator is suitable. Those without vibration leave all the "work" to you, so you can vary the pressure and speed yourself. With a vibration function, on the other hand, you have additional stimulation. Also pay attention to the texture of the interior: there are different shapes, such as nubbed or ribbed, which provide different pressure points. If you're looking for a model that also looks like a vagina, you'll find it under the type "pocket pussy".