Gear cables + Brake cables

Gear cables + Brake cables

For cycling enthusiasts seeking precision and durability in shifting performance, the Gear and Brake Cables category offers a range of premium options. Our curated collection of cables ensures that cyclists can maintain their bikes with ease, providing smooth transitions and reliable stopping power in all riding conditions.

Featuring top-selling gear cables like Shimano's OT-41SP gear cable set designed for MTBs with stainless steel construction, riders can expect exceptional longevity and resistance to the elements. Shimano is reputed for their meticulous attention to detail and their superior performance in gear cables, delivering a seamless riding experience.

Crosswave brings versatility to the table with its Universal brake cable, guaranteeing compatibility across numerous bike models and simplifying the selection process for riders. The dependability of Crosswave means less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying the ride.

For those who value customization down to the minutest components, BBB offers CABLESTOP CABLE END BLACK in a handy 40-piece set, perfect for personalizing the bike while safeguarding cable integrity. BBB is recognized for providing practical solutions to cyclists' needs without compromising on quality.

Jagwire steps in with their 2X Pro Shift shift cable and sleeve, a popular choice among riders who are serious about achieving professional-grade shifting performance. The attention to detail in Jagwire's products ensures a highly responsive and smooth gear transition every time.

Sram's Shift Cable 1.1 Ss 2200 Mm Single V2 is the go-to for simplicity and precision in tuning your ride. Sram has carved out a niche for itself with strong and straightforward components that are both user-friendly and highly effective.

Our selection caters to all levels of cycling, from casual riders to seasoned professionals, ensuring that every cyclist has access to the best performing gear and brake cables for their biking adventures.