Cable boxes

Discover a world of organization and convenience with our selection of cable boxes from leading brands such as Max Hauri, Schönenberger, LogiLink, BlueLounge, andBosign. Our online shop is rich with options to suit every cable management need. From the comprehensive Cable Home Kabelmanagement Set by Max Hauri to Schönenberger's practical Cable box with a connector strip, each product is designed to tame cable clutter effectively. Whether you seek a simple solution like the LogiLink Cable box set, a more spacious option like BlueLounge's CableBox Large, or a stylish Bosign Medium Hideaway cable box, our collection provides the perfect blend of form and function to streamline your space.

When choosing the ideal cable box, consider factors such as size, capacity, and material. Cable boxes come in various dimensions to accommodate different quantities of cables and power strips, so think about the scale of your cord conundrum when selecting. If you have a multitude of cables or a larger power station to conceal, options like BlueLounge's larger models may be ideal. Alternatively, for more modest needs, a medium-sized option such as the Bosign Hideaway could be the perfect fit. Material is another aspect to weigh, with options ranging from durable plastics to aesthetically pleasing wood finishes. Look for features such as ventilation to prevent overheating and rubber feet to prevent slipping. Furthermore, some cable boxes include additional accessories like spiral sleeves for individual cable organization, enhancing their utility. Use these key properties as filters to narrow your search and discover the cable box that will blend seamlessly with your decor and organize your cords effectively. Begin your journey to a neater, more efficient living or workspace today with a selection from our top-notch cable box range.