Socket strips

A power strip, also called a multiple socket or power outlet strip, acts as a power distributor. In contrast to a normal extension cable, it enables power supply to several devices. When connected to a wall socket, it supplies power to the slots through the internal parallel connection. In addition to the standard cable lengths of 1.5 and 2 metres, you can also find longer cables in our range in case you have a larger distance to bridge.

Power strips with a switch come as single-switch, main-switch and illuminated-switch models. With single switch models, the individual slots can be switched on and off individually. In the case of main-switch and illuminated-switch plug connectors, there’s only one (illuminated) main switch for all the slots. There’s also the so-called intelligent master-slave power strip. In this case, a master slot is defined, which determines when all the other slots are switched on and off. If the master device is switched on, the slave slots are activated by the current flow.

In addition to different types of plugs for power input, there are different types of sockets for power output. Models that include sockets for charging USB devices are also popular. You can also find special multi-sockets with app control, remote control or a magnetic mounting device. If you’re concerned about safety, there are power strips with features such as child safety lock, overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection. Our range includes the brands Apple, Brennenstuhl, Max Hauri, Steffen and SKROSS.