Cable reels

When it comes to extending the reach of your electrical supply, cable reels are an indispensable tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our onlineshop boasts a diverse collection of cable reels that will suit various needs and environments. The array includes products from top-notch brands such as Ekström, HAZET, Max Hauri, Steffen, and Brennenstuhl. These brands are favored for their reliability and the quality of their most-sold products, ranging from the versatile Ekström Cable Reel to the rugged Max Hauri maxReeL 3x type 13 with IP55 rating, indicating a strong resistance to dust and water. HAZET's Electric Cable Reel | 9040D-2.5 is also popular for its durability and ease of use, as are Steffen's PowerRoll 4xT13 with a robust design and Brennenstuhl's convenient Camping cable drum for outdoor enthusiasts.

Cable reels are usually chosen based on several critical properties, such as cable length, number and type of sockets, cable thickness, durability, and weather resistance. Customers may also consider features like integrated circuit breakers, ergonomic handles for easy carrying, and the kind of reel mechanism—automatic or manual. The intended use – whether for indoor household tasks, outdoor garden work, or on a demanding construction site – will guide the selection process. Robust models with high IP ratings are better suited for harsh outdoor conditions, while compact designs might be more suitable for simple indoor applications. Look for a cable thickness (measured in mm²) that can handle the required electrical load, and a length that provides sufficient reach without unnecessarily tangling. Models with a higher number of sockets offer more connectivity, which could be beneficial for tasks that require multiple power tools or devices. By using these properties to refine your search, you can easily identify the cable reel that will efficiently meet your specific requirements.