Christmas tree stand

The apartment is decorated and Christmas Eve is approaching. What no household should be without is a suitable Christmas tree. A stable Christmas tree stand is essential to ensure that the festive season is a joyful one. There are various techniques to fix the Christmas tree - all with the aim of guaranteeing a firm and secure hold. Among the most popular techniques to stably set up the tree in the living room or on the balcony are the wire rope hoist or the classic method with screws. The advantage of the wire rope hoist, also often referred to as the pulley technique, is that the support can be adjusted continuously with a foot pedal. The use of tensioning screws is recommended especially for extremely thin and small trees.

Which Christmas tree stand is suitable for you, however, depends largely on the size of the Christmas tree and the trunk thickness. The larger the tree, the heavier and wider the stand should be. For more stability, you can additionally fill the stand with stones or gravel.

However, whether the Christmas tree stand is made of wood, metal or plastic is entirely up to your personal taste. To hide functional Christmas tree stands effectively, you can cover the tree stand either with a blanket, fur or specially made baskets and covers.Buy from us modern, practical and also decorative Christmas tree holders from leading brands such as Krinner, Star Trading or Alba.

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