Top-rated products in the Drive technology category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Chamberlain COMFORT garage door operator

The garage door operator Comfort is suitable for up-and-over and sectional doors. Chamberlain offers energy-efficient and innovative door automation with the experience of the world's number 1. The quiescent current consumption is up to 85% lower compared to standard garage door operators. In addition, the drive line is particularly easy to install thanks to pre-assembled elements; installation time is reduced by 50%. Gone are the days when you had to get out of the car to open the garage door by hand - especially annoying when it rains and snow. The other residents of the house also no longer have to use any force to open the heavy garage door. As the world market leader for garage door operators, Chamberlain is aware of its responsibility and sets the highest standards in terms of quality and comfort. 

2. somfy 1822660 HF receiver

The functions are UP / DOWN /my. Up to 10 transmitters (incl. sensors) can be taught-in. Use of io radio products (e.g. Situo io II, Chronis io, TaHoma) also with wired roller shutter drives. Compatible with all common roller shutter switches/buttons. Suitable for flush-mounted boxes from 50 mm depth. Compatible with all mechanical or electronic Somfy roller shutter drives up to 80 Nm. Destruction protection in case of incorrect wiring. With automatic sun control. 

3. Chamberlain Wireless radio code lock

Door opening: Code entry, Detection: Door opening, Video surveillance: None, Connection possibilities: Radio.

4. Sommer Handheld transmitter

Summer 4020V000 Hand-held transmitter 4-command.

5. Rademacher RolloTron Basis 1100-UW

The electric belt winder. The RolloTron Basis is an electric belt winder for flush mounting and can be used universally, as it fits into any standard belt box with a width of 36 mm or more. It is characterized by quick and easy installation. The installation and the start-up take place in approx. 10 minutes. Operation is by Euro plug connection to the 230V mains. These features ensure that even a retrofit of the shutter control can be implemented at any time. The RolloTron Basis appears in a modern design with large buttons and is supplied in the color ultra white. Equipped with a memory function (simple time function), it repeats programmed opening and closing times in a 24-hour rhythm. 

6. somfy Radio receiver

Soliris Modulis Slim Receiver RTS with scroll function is a compact plug & play radio receiver (as an intermediate plug) for controlling an external venetian blind drive ideally via the Situo Variation RTS II radio hand-held transmitter (scroll wheel operation). Quick installation between the drive plug (STAS3) of a standard 4-wire 230 V external venetian blind drive and the mains cable (STAK3). Quick commissioning: no runtime setting, as the end positions (set on the drive) are recognised. The my favourite position is also preset. New flexible wind and sun automation: manual or time-controlled closing overnight possible despite switched-on sun automation. Automation possible with all RTS sensors as well as Telis 6 Chronis RTS, Meteolis RTS or TaHoma. In conjunction with a J4 WT external venetian blind drive, the drive end positions can also be conveniently set via the radio hand-held transmitter. 

7. Hörmann Hand-held transmitter HSE1

8. Schellenberg 4-channel radio hand-held transmitter

The Schellenberg Drive hand-held transmitter is the reliable and handy remote control for a wide range of garage door openers and outside door openers from Schellenberg. With this 4-channel door opener, you can conveniently control up to four garage doors or outside doors at the touch of a button from the driver's seat of your car. The Schellenberg Drive hand-held transmitter can be quickly and easily taught to Schellenberg door openers. It is compatible with the Schellenberg garage door openers of the Drive (except Drive N) and Smart Drive series. The garage door remote control is also compatible with the Schellenberg outdoor door openers of the TWIN and SLIDE series. With the high-quality Drive hand-held transmitter from Schellenberg, unauthorized persons have no access to your garage or your swing and sliding door. The control commands are transmitted by radio with a scan-proof coding. The outdoor range is up to 40 metres. 

9. Chamberlain 4-channel universal handheld transmitter

Chamberlain Universal handheld transmitter in an elegant design, which you like to wear on your key ring. The hand-held transmitter has a powerful radio technology with a long range. Up to four garage and outdoor door operators can be operated, and it is also compatible with the following Chamberlain operators with 433 MHz radio frequency (excluding ML510 model). Chamberlain: BASIC (ML510EV), COMFORT (ML700EV), PREMIUM (ML1000EV), MotorLift 550 (ML550EV), MotorLift800 (ML800EV), MotorLift 1000 SLIM (ML1000EV-S), MotorLift 1000 Family (ML1000EV-F), TPD10-05, HC624-05, TP500-05. MotorLift: ML500, ML700, ML750, ML850, SESAM200, ML1000, ML2000, ML4000, ML5500, HC100, HC250, HC260ML, HC280ML, HC300ML, HC400ML, HC500ML, HC600ML.
HomEntry: HE60, HE60AS, HE60PY, PSGTA60 Powerdrive: GPD60, GPD61, GPD65, GPD80, TPD10, TPD500.

10. somfy RF modules

The io flush-mounted transmitter is a radio transmitter for installation behind the switch and enables manual control of one io radio drive / io radio receiver or several io radio drives / io radio receivers at the same time by radio via a wired switch or pushbutton.