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Ten products we've tested - and now love

Martin Jungfer
Martin Jungfer
Zurich, on 27.12.2021

Hundreds of products land on the editors' desks every year. Only a few of them cause unrestricted fascination. Here is a selection of our favorites of the year 2021.

We test a lot and don't find everything great. But sometimes it happens. Then sober people get creative and their reviews become declarations of love.

1. it went click

Patrick Bardelli, editor for sporting topics, has only been cycling for some time and is still discovering this world anew. He is particularly enthusiastic about magnetic pedals, which we currently do not have in our shop. It is sold out in our shop.

  • News + TrendsSport

    Klack statt Klick

2. it dices so nicely

For Ramon Schneider, an expert in parlour games, there will be no more false luck in the future. He has subjected precision dice to an elaborate test.

  • Background informationToys

    Warum ich nur noch mit Würfeln aus Schweden spiele

3. it sits so much better

2021 was also a year of the home office. Appropriately, Wohnen editor Pia tested a few office chairs - and she got stuck with one.

  • ReviewInterior

    The uncomfortable truth: the Capisco office chair is better

4. it sounds perfect to the ears

In the home office you need not only good chairs, but also good headphones to. Jan Johannsen, technology editor, has found the ones he finds comfortable and melodious.

  • ReviewAudio

    B&O Beoplay HX im Test: Die nehme ich nie wieder ab

5. they exist, the inexpensive OLED TVs

What do you do when you want the latest TV technology but can't spend horrendous amounts of money on it? You buy an LG A1. At least that's what TV expert Luca Fontana recommends after testing LG models.

  • ReviewTV

    Testing the LG OLED A1: a lot of TV for little money

6. it sounds so good

Katja Fischer, editor for family topics, used her daughter to test the new cookie earphones for kids. At first she was skeptical, then the Kekz was the constant companion.

  • ReviewFamily

    Head over heels in love with the new Kekzhörer

7. they are justified praises

A foundation that's celebrated among influencers? It happens every now and then - after all, there's a lot of advertising money flowing in the industry. But beauty editor Natalie Hemengül understands the hype surrounding L'Oréal's serum foundation.

  • ReviewBeauty

    This make-up is going viral – rightfully so!

8. it kneads, stirs, weighs and warms so well

In addition to her fashion expertise, editor Vanessa Kim is an ambitious amateur baker. In this capacity, she tested a luxury kitchen machine from Kenwood and found it to be good.

  • ReviewHome

    Testing the luxury kitchen machine by Kenwood

9. it also works without a mattress

You made your bed, now sleep in it. So the saying goes. Editor Carolin Teufelberger gave her boyfriend a tatami mat to test and almost lost him to this Japanese straw mattress.

  • Product presentationInterior

    Wie ich meinen Freund an die Tatami-Matte verlor

10. everything is finally in the right place

Before I joined Galaxus, I never imagined I'd be an underwear tester. Now I have. And the Comfyballs have been the new standard in the underwear closet ever since. They hold a man's most valuable items in place.

  • ReviewFashion

    Comfyballs underwear: the last pair of trunks you’ll ever need

Editors' favourites at a glance

You rely on the judgement of our editors? Great, thanks. Here you'll find all the products that became favourites in 2021 - if they're still available in the shop.

LG OLED55A19 (4K, OLED, 2021, 55 ")


4K, OLED, 2021, 55 "

L'Oréal Paris Perfect Match tinted serum (1-2 very bright)

L'Oréal Paris Perfect Match tinted serum

1-2 very bright

Illustration Titelbild: Maggie Blaser und Severin Keller / Digitec Galaxus

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